Sri Karunamayee sings

Guruvani Texts of Guru Granth Sahib

Music by Sri Karunamayee with Ramesh Kumar, Tabla

A unique collection celebrating the universal message of the Sikh tradition, this CD features spiritual musician of New Delhi, Sri Karunamayee, singing her own compositions inspired by the Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred texts of the Sikh scriptures. Package includes a 12-page booklet of English translations.

Sri Karunamayee sings

Ghazals of Mumtaz Mirza

This collection features a style of traditional Ghazal singing which is rarely heard in contemporary singers of today. The late Sri Karunamayee specialized in this light classical form of singing as an ‘A’ class artist of All India Radio and her music was appreciated by the doyen of Ghazal singing, Begum Akhtar. This album highlights the intricacies of this demanding vocal genre in which the artistry of the singer reflects the finest nuances of the multi-dimensional poetry of Padma Sri awardee, Mumtaz Mirza. Tabla virtuoso, Vishal Nagar, adds scintillating dimensions to the album. A booklet of Urdu texts and English translations is included.

Sri Karunamayee sings


In this three-track collection, Sri Karunamayee sings from the renowned Buddhist scripture, Dhammapada. In three different musical versions of the text section, Flowers, she expresses the beautiful meaning of the words through her meditative singing and harmonium accompaniment. Spoken translations in English and in Hindi are interwoven into two of the audio tracks. A written English translation of the texts is also available for download.